Security Assessment

According to HHS over 90% of the breaches in California during 2017 were due to hacking or other IT incidents. The penalties for these breaches will run into the millions of dollars.

Is your system secure? If you are not sure, we can help.

Compunet offers a HIPAA Security Assessment and summary report package that will provide you with a clear understanding of what your risks and vulnerabilities may be. Others offer a similar service using a remote scanning tool that works for some things, but the only way to discover others is to be onsite.

That is why we will send two senior level specialists to your office. One will work with your technical contact to review your systems, including:

  • Internet connection
  • Firewall
  • WiFi (note: we find many offices that do not separate their guest WiFi from their practice WiFi)
  • Web filtering
  • Anti-virus and Anti-malware software
  • LAN topology
  • Backup system
  • Devices that contain or pass Protected Health Information*

*Note: We include 10 workstations and a server in this package.

Concurrent to this review the other specialist will work with your office manager to:

  • Complete the Compunet HIPAA Quick Assessment
  • Gather EMR/EHR information
  • Review the password policy
  • Gather eMail system information
  • Gather webhosting information, important if online scheduling is available to patients
  • Review any monitoring or reporting systems
  • Review your disaster recovery plan
  • Briefly review existing HIPAA compliancy items
    • HIPAA Policies and Procedures
    • BAA forms
    • Prior HIPAA Risk Analysis Reports
    • Other HIPAA compliancy items

This onsite work takes approximately one hour. With this information we will put together your HIPAA Security Assessment Report within seven business days. Once the report is ready we will schedule a 20-minute meeting to review our findings with you. With this report you can have your IT specialists or ours address any deficiencies.

We offer this package and the peace of mind it brings for $450.00

– if you engage with us for future work we will gladly credit your account for the $450.

Know where you stand and address any weaknesses in your systems before someone else discovers them. Call us today at (800) 592-2919

Are you curious about breaches that have been reported to HHS? Click this link to review the “Wall of Shame” directly on the HHS website.